Why—and How—So Many Dancers Are Also Becoming Actresses/Models/Singers/Designers

Before dance phenom Larsen Thompson booked her first modeling job, she’d never even considered modeling. “I was working on a commercial as a lead dancer, and a woman approached me to ask me to model for a print campaign,” Thompson remembers. “At first I didn’t think much of it, but then I realized I could incorporate my love of movement into my modeling.” After she made that connection, Thompson’s modeling career took off.

These days, a lot of young dancers are feeling the urge to branch out into dance-adjacent fields like singing, acting, modeling, and designing. In fact, especially in the commercial world, agents and casting directors increasingly expect that dancers will have the chops to book jobs as actors and models. But how can you explore non-dance passions while maintaining your technique? We spoke with Thompson and three other multitalented dancers to hear their advice on navigating the changing demands of the entertainment industry.

Using Your Training

As a dancer, you may…

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