Top 3 Findings from AlienVault’s OTX Platform Reports on Threat Actors

Over the past two weeks, we’ve examined the findings from SIEM vendor AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform report. AlienVault commissioned and designed these reports to put the anonymised security event information collected from their customers to use: they’re meant to help other security vendors and solution providers improve their comprehensiveness and adaptability. Part one of the report focused on exploits, and part two focused on malware.

Today, AlienVault released Part Three of its findings, this time exploring the most reported threat actors and patterns, so that solution seekers can learn about the nefarious people attempting to infiltrate their enterprise’s databases.  

Here are the 3 key findings from Part Three:

1. Determining the Threat Actors That Pose the Most Risk is Not Simple 

The hreat actor that poses the most risk to your enterprise contrasts wildly from the threat actor targeting enterprises in a separate industry, or even an…

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