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The top 10 most underrated horror films

3. Dagon: It’s pretty amazing that more H. P. Lovecraft stories haven’t been adapted into feature films, considering that his stories seem tailor-made for cinema. The gothic visual style, the dread-laden atmosphere, the philosophical determinism and nihilism, the rich mythology filled with grotesque characters and malevolent ancient religions — all of the qualities that make Lovecraft’s stories endure after nearly a century are present in this Stuart Gordon film, one of four Lovecraft adaptations that he has made (including “Re-Animator,” “From Beyond” and a TV episode of “Masters of Horror” called “Dreams in the Witch-House”). It also has the single most graphic and psychologically disturbing death scene I’ve ever witnessed in a horror film, so consider yourself warned.

4. The Final: If you’ve ever been bullied, particularly as a teenager, you’ll strongly empathize with the perspective of the villains in this film. This isn’t to say I condone their actions — quite to the…

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