The stars of The Approach on their early acting days

A trio of Ireland’s finest actors – Cathy-Belton, Derbhle Crotty and Aisling O’Sullivan, Mark O’Rowe’s acclaimed new play The Approach, from Landmark Productions, currently running at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, before moving to Cork’s Everyman Theatre later this month.

Here, they talk about their early days as actors.

DERBHLE: I just couldn’t resist it I suppose, I’m sure like all three of us really. Try as I did, to be a respectable and upstanding member of society. No, truly, I think it was completely irresistible and then it very slowly dawned that you might do this as a living. And then you, I’m sure in common with you, very tentatively start to ask if anybody might be interested in…

CATHY: Hiring you?

DERBHLE: Hiring you, or hearing you or, all of that.

AISLING: And you came up from Cavan, up to Dublin, to study it, did you?

DERBHLE – No, I was at college here.

AISLING: That’s right, you were studying law, were you?

DERHBLE: I was studying law, I was going to be a…

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