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The popularity of Wonder Woman cosplay at Comic-Con is a message to Hollywood

Like previous years, the convention center at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 became a hub for cosplayers, with fans from across the world sporting elaborate costumes, celebrating just about every film, TV show, or comic out there. Every Comic-Con, the community seems to champion a specific character, releasing an army of meticulously dressed near-clones across the crowded halls. Last year it was Harley Quinn. This year it was Wonder Woman. The standout costume is often a statement, made en masse, on the state of the comics world. This year, the message was loud and clear: Hollywood must go further with female superheroes.

Costumers dressing up as Diana Prince’s alter ego were everywhere during the show, ranging from casual fans wearing Wonder Woman-branded T-shirts to dedicated cosplayers in elaborate costume replicas. The increased interest comes as little surprise: Patty Jenkins’ new film is only now starting to leave theaters after surpassing Batman v Superman’s domestic…

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