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The new Twin Peaks isn't just violent — it redefines what violence is

Everyone has their preferred approach when it comes to parsing David Lynch’s enigmatic work. The miraculous new 2017 revival of his landmark 1990 TV series Twin Peaks has seen critics studying each hour from every conceivable angle. Plenty of writers take the traditional road and attempt to divine a plot from what can feel like arbitrarily arranged scenes. Others prefer a formal, more academic analysis. Some read the show through the context of Lynch’s career. And I’m sure someone, somewhere believes they’ve cracked the show’s code though tea leaves. I’ve found it most natural to interpret Twin Peaks on a conceptual level, tracking Lynch’s pet themes as nebulously defined forces that he’s constantly reconfiguring and evolving.

Through this lens, the revival series — ominously dubbed Twin Peaks: The Return — begins to take shape as a chronicle of one Big Concept in particular. The first 10 episodes of the series’s planned 18-episode run have contained the…

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