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The 20 Best Movies of 2017: Wonder Women, Racial Disharmony, and Daniel Day-Lewis’ Final Bow

Readers, it’s been a rough year. It’s felt like five. Remember Fyre Festival? That happened this year. Such is the Trump Effect, where weeks feel like months and any concept of time is lost, as though we’re all mushes wandering about a heavily oxygenated Atlantic City casino.

And Hollywood, bastion of romanticism and glamour, is in the throes of a long-overdue reckoning when it comes to matters of sexual harassment and assault—one that began with the unmasking of movie monster Harvey Weinstein and has ensnared countless others since. Any form of entertainment, whether it be music or movies, that helped drown out the madness for a couple of hours felt like manna from heaven.

What a year at the movies it was, too. It began in earnest with Jordan Peele’s deliriously entertaining horror-satire Get Out and closed with Daniel Day-Lewis’ swan song Phantom Thread. In between there were too many good films to mention, and when compiling this Top 20 list I managed to leave out

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