Stuntwoman’s Federal Push To End “Wigging” Shakes Up Male-Dominated Industry

EXCLUSIVE: A sex-discrimination charge filed with the EEOC by stuntwoman Deven MacNair has Hollywood’s stunt community wigging out, with one veteran stuntman claiming that the industry’s most dangerous profession – which saw two stunt-related deaths last year – “is now in chaos” and “spiraling out of control.” Others, however, scoff at the notion, arguing that the change coming to the stunt community and to the industry at large is long overdue.

MacNair’s complaint (read it here), which is lighting up stunt performer message boards and Facebook pages, is believed to be the first legal challenge to what’s known in the stunt business as “wigging” – the age-old practice of stuntmen putting on wigs and dresses so they can double for actresses.

MacNair’s attorney, Brenda Feigen, says that MacNair received a death threat over the weekend.

“I’m getting all these weird calls,” MacNair said, declining to discuss the death threat. “I get calls from…

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