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SDG’s Top Films of 2017

Clockwise, Graduation (Bacalaureat), Mudbound, My Happy Family and Dunkirk (Courtesy of Arizona Films, Armory Films, Canal+ and Warner Bros.)

‘Truly catholic taste’: Hollywood floundered in 2017, but from Romania to Mongolia, from Philadelphia to beyond the solar system, great movies took discerning viewers everywhere.

Steven D. Greydanus

American moviegoers aren’t necessarily the most demanding viewers in the world, but it seems we have our limits, if dire movie-ticket sales for 2017 are any indication. Not since 1992 have so few Americans gone to the movies; it was the worst year for moviegoing in a quarter century.

The punishment wasn’t equally shared in Hollywood. Most studios felt the pain, with one glaring exception: Disney had another terrific year with success on multiple fronts, from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the live-action Beauty and the Beast to Pixar’s Coco (Cars 3 was less successful, but hardly a flop) and, of course, multiple Marvel outings,…

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