Russian actors mentioned as possibly launching Olympics cyberattack

Russian actors mentioned as possibly launching Olympics cyberattack

Fingering the culprit behind the cyberattack that hit the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games during the opening ceremony will never be nailed down with 100 percent accuracy, but industry executives have gathered some circumstantial evidence is pointing toward a Russian group.

The primary reason Russia, or someone acting on that country’s behalf, has been singled out is the fact that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned that nation from competing due to its athletes using illegal performance enhancing drugs during previous Olympic games. However, the IOC is allowing innocent Russian athletes to compete, but only under the Olympic, and not Russian, national flag.

“That certainly seems like a motive for someone inside Russia to disrupt the games,” Richard Henderson, Absolute Software’s global security strategist, told SC Media.

French Caldwell, a former…

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