Review: ‘Flight’ Has No Live Actors. But Its Story of Two Afghan Boys Feels So Real.


Instead of actors, “Flight” tells the story of Afghan refugee brothers using tiny figures in a diorama and with intricate sound design.

Emon Hassan for The New York Times

The wood-paneled elevator that ferries guests up to “Flight” at the McKittrick Hotel rises at a languid pace, and the tinny, piped-in music sounds like something out of a speakeasy. Atmospherically, it seems an awkward match with the show you’ve come to see, about a pair of Afghan child refugees crossing Europe in search of sanctuary.

So does the McKittrick, not a hotel at all but the sprawling Chelsea complex that is the longtime home of the immersive-theater behemoth “Sleep No More,” where spectators roam dimly lit halls on multiple floors, traipsing through rooms that are essentially art installations in which performances periodically break out.

Created by the Scottish company Vox…

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