'Our Cartoon President': Meet the Voices Behind Trump and Co.

According to Showtime’s animated look at the White House, a few of Cartoon President Trump’s first orders of business this year are “winning” the State of the Union, teaching NFL star Colin Kaepernick a lesson … and naming Melania the new national bird. 

Our Cartoon President, which debuted Sunday on Showtime, features President Trump, his First Lady and several members of his administration as animated, over-the-top versions of themselves, including a timid Karen Pence, turtle-like Mitch McConnell, and “three white people on a couch,” Fox & Friends

“Each and every one of you voted for me, and the ones who didn’t, you kind of wanted to see what would happen,” Trump says to the camera, opening the show. “And it’s happening more than you could have imagined!”

The series, from The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and Chris Licht, “examines the quintessentially Trumpian details of the presidency and his most important relationships, and no one is safe — from his close family and…

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