Opening weekend affords actors one more chance to reach deep

Amanda Carson Green, who plays the buttoned-up Polly, said the set helped her channel the character. (The drama’s single set is the Wyeth living room, a fashionable spot in a sleek, contemporary Palm Springs house. The family swimming pool is visible through a large window.)

“I come out here before the show and mess with the [throw] pillows,” Green said. “And getting used to what I look like helps, too.”

Green wears a carefully coiffed wig, short and conservative with silver capping off the brunette. Her costume signals affluence. 

Patrick Britton plays Tripp, a grounded reality television producer who has come to accept the discontent that comes with having childhood illusions erased.

“For me, just being able to look in each other’s eyes makes a big difference,” Britton said. “We know our lines and where we’re supposed to be now, so being able to really look at the other actors makes a difference.”

John Rogers, who plays retired actor Lyman, agreed with Britton about…

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