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MovieBob Reviews: THE COMMUTER (2017) –

Is The Commuter good?
It’s okay – inoffensively serviceable, mostly.

So your basic January movie with Liam Neeson?

What’s it about?
Neeson is a just-getting-by upper-middle-class suburban dad and insurance salesman who…

Ooh! But he used to be a totally-badass special forces assassin, right??
Totally-badass police detective this time. But yeah, it’s one of those.

Thought so. Please continue.
Alright, so the setup is that Neeson has been commuting back and forth from work on the same train for about a decade. Then one day he’s heading back home after getting some bad news at work and a mystery woman confronts him on the train with a logic puzzle that ropes him into a deadly criminal conspiracy. It involves an unseen group of villains with a sinister agenda demand that he uses his detective skills to sniff out an unknown passenger and plant a tracking device on them for reasons that aren’t immediately clear but are almost certainly unfriendly. If he…

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