Jessica Chastain leads charge to change Hollywood, onscreen and off

Jessica Chastain isn’t sure how much she wants to work as an actor anymore. She isn’t retiring — she’s just not as passionate about the job now as she used to be.

“I’m more interested in the idea of making the world a better place,” says the star of the Aaron Sorkin film “Molly’s Game. “In thinking about ‘What am I contributing to the world?,’ my passions keep shifting away from myself.”

Coming from many Hollywood stars, that would probably sound like sanctimonious garbage. But Chastain, 40, has taken action that actually backs up her words. Over the past year, the actress has made about as many headlines for being outspoken on Twitter as she has for her film roles.

Alongside Rose McGowan, Amber Tamblyn, Lena Dunham and Olivia Munn, Chastain has become one of the industry’s most vocal feminists, sharing her thoughts on gender equality and sexual harassment with her 650,000 followers.

Recently her feed has also been interspersed with promotional tweets…

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