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Favorite 20 TV Shows of 2017

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It’s boring as fuck to say that a certain year is bad, and every time someone threw their hands to the sky in the past 12 months and offered up a hearty “2017 sucks,” the world lost a hair of its capacity for reason and dialectical thinking. It’s the oldest dismissal in the book, something that’s probably been going on since year zero, and, frankly, it’s just not productive. We should all hope to aim a little clearer, a little deeper, a little further. As far as TV goes, it was a great year, because TV isn’t anchored to years — it isn’t simply a frame disconnected from the reel. Great TV is a synthesis of past, present, and future. Great TV doesn’t care if 2017 sucks; or, rather, great TV wants to understand 2017, not dismiss it.

Great shows maintain a liquid dialectic that flows from season to season, kaleidoscopic,…

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