Darkest Hour director leads incredible Hey Jude chant with 450 actors

Darkest Hour director leads incredible Hey Jude chant with Gary Oldman and 450 actors
Darkest Hour director leads Hey Jude chant between takes with Gary Oldman (Picture: REX)

450 actors playing MPs in the new second world war film, Darkest Hour, break into The Beatles’ Hey Jude, and only stop to applaud Gary Oldman.

The amazing footage was taken by actor Samuel West who said he had been waiting to post the clip for a year, and shared the scene with his fans today for the movie’s release.

The 51-year-old took to Twitter with the video and captioned it with: ‘Been waiting to post this for a year. Joe Wright, director of Darkest Hour, leads 450 MPs in a warmup sing of Hey Jude between takes.

‘Gary Oldman as Churchill makes an entrance at the end. Darkest Hour is released in the UK today. Hope you like it’.

As soon as Gary enters the room he is immediately noticed by the film extras and every one stops to cheer…

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