Conspiracy theorists are targeting Las Vegas shooting victims, calling them "crisis actors"

Las Vegas shooting victims recovering from the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history earlier this month now face death threats from conspiracy theorists convinced that the massacre was a hoax, and that wounded individuals were crisis actors.

“You are a lying piece of shit and I hope someone truly shoots you in the head,” a Facebook commenter wrote on the page of Braden Matejka, a 30-year-old concertgoer from British Columbia, Canada, who took a bullet to the back of his head and survived. Posts like that began to populate quickly alongside messages of support from friends and family, forcing Matejka to delete both his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“I’d be happy to talk to these people, but it seems there’s no reasoning,” Matejka told the Guardian. “A really sad part of this is that a lot of these people think they’re fighting the good fight and exposing truth.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that the October…

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