Abused South Korean actress slams Berlinale's 'hypocritical' stance on #MeToo

Renowned South Korean director Kim Ki-duk, famous for his disturbing and controversial art-house films, has been invited to premiere his latest film at the Berlin International Film Festival, leading an actress who had accused the filmmaker of violence and sexual abuse in December 2017 to speak out against the festival’s organizers.

The actress, who has refused to be publicly identified, told press agency AFP on Monday that she found “the decision to invite Kim deeply sad and extremely hypocritical,” adding that she had been left “devastated” by her experience on set with him.

She had accused the director of physical and sexual abuse while shooting his 2013 film “Moebius,” claiming that he beat her and forced her into unscripted, unwanted sex and nude scenes. 

Kim admitted slapping the actress for the purposes of an “acting lesson” but denied the other allegations of wrongdoing. Seoul prosecutors dropped sexual abuse charges citing a lack of evidence, but fined Kim…

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