5 Books by Actors Every U.K. Performer Should Read

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One of the most reassuring things an actor can learn is that someone has been there before. The loneliness, fear, frustration, envy, camaraderie, excitement, satisfaction and joy that actors churn through on a daily basis is not a new experience. Every so often you might need words from the wise to cope with, however hard or great it gets. Or perhaps you want a flavour of what it’s like to prepare for a gigantic role, to fail spectacularly, to succeed against the odds. Actor memoirs range from the brilliant to the bitchy. Some are crafted with care, others (naming no names) are obviously ghostwritten and hurried out in time for Christmas. Steering well clear of the rags-to-riches tales that keep WH Smith in business, here are five of the very best books by actors.

“Year of the King” by Anthony Sher
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