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2017 Movies Featured a Lot of Liberal Slant

As is the case with many niche commentary and opinion editorials, movie criticism — by design and if done correctly — will provoke strong reactions both pro and con, no matter what the issue. Movie criticism isn’t plot summation but rather interpreting a work of art and analyzing it with nuance and depth. The major gripes most people have with movie critics: they are cultural snobs, don’t share the same tastes as the average movie lover, and far too often spoil the viewing experience by revealing plot twists. I am sad to report this is frequently true.

What the average movie patron doesn’t know and will soon be made keenly aware of is that the lion’s share of movie critics — like most of the media in general — lean far to the left. Those who fit this bill will watch a movie most people will despise and give gushing praise not generally based on its artistic merits but because they agree with the political content. Adversely they might see…

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