15 Forgettable First Roles Of MCU Actors

Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans. Chris Pratt. Paul Rudd. These are all names that are now associated with the growing mega-franchise known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What Marvel started by casting fairly unknown actors in big superhero roles has now grown exponentially. Everyone wants a taste at these movies, as they are a surefire way of making an actor much more popular among audiences. However, these brilliant actors had to start somewhere. They didn’t begin their careers playing renowned members of the Avengers. Like any actor, they had to start out having some minor appearances and guest roles in small projects like TV movies. What’s special about many of these projects is that it’s likely no one has even heard of them, let alone the actors that starred in them.

Over time, these actors managed to build up their careers and receive a lot of praise for their performances. That’s when Marvel came knocking on their doors to draft them for the most ambitious film…

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