15 Actors Fans Never Knew Played The Same Role In Live Action And Cartoons

When discussing the art of “acting,” many tend to think of live action performances. Acting on screen is a challenge that few can handle, not to mention be successful at. Voice acting is a whole other element requiring a different level of skill. Being able to convey emotion and action solely using one’s voice is incredibly demanding. Usually, voice actors and live action actors are two different breeds. There is a reason that most authors are terrible audio book narrators — they are far more comfortable in the world of the written word. Many artists are highly skilled in one area of expertise, and fall short in most other creative outlets.

There are the rare few though, who can pull off multiple ends of the acting spectrum. Some are long-standing actors famous for countless roles with over a hundred years of accumulated time on screen and stage. Others are more recent talents brought to the limelight by a specific character portrayal. Regardless of how different they…

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