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10 Movies from 2017 You Probably Missed (And Need to See)

Here are 10 movies from 2017 you probably didn’t see—but you should.

I know we’re a couple of weeks into 2018 now, but doesn’t it still feel like we’re in last year? I know I’m still writing down “2017” any time someone asks me to write down a date and then hastily scratching out the “7” to replace it with an “8.” The movies take a while to move on, too, with several 2017 holdouts still not open nationwide, and the award shows celebrating the past year only just now have gotten started.

With that justification out of the way, here are 10 movies from 2017 that you probably didn’t see, but you definitely should see.

(And for the cinephiles who saw everything on this list, I offer you this: congratulations.)

Bad Match

It’s impossible to know how well Bad Match did—it was only released in 10 theaters for a week, and took in less than $4,000 in that time. But it was released simultaneously on VOD, which means anyone could have rented it if they wanted to….

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